Hi, I'm Atta.

A software engineer based in Pakistan. I like making beautiful things and meeting new people. I founded StartupBase & Apployer.

Things I created.

Here are a few things I created.


A community of makers and entrepreneurs to share & discuss the latest products and ideas.


A hand-picked curated list of mobile application developers jobs.


DnDork is the ultimate marketplace built for the domainers to sell and rent their domains directly to end users.

Technical Skills.

I love building products that are awesome & scalable. I'm very fond of learning & experimenting new technologies. Some of the technologies I learnt and used so far:

Java Spring Boot Spring JPA Hibernate Spring Security Spring Social HTML5 CSS JavaScript / jQuery Gradle MySQL Amazon Cloud Services Linux

Partnerships & hiring.

Available for special projects and partnerships.

If you have a project that you want to get started & think you need my help or want me to join as a co-founder, then get in touch.


Let's connect with me.

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