I'm Atta — Founder. Developer. Blogger.

I help startups & companies to develop and launch beautiful digital products in MEAN Stack and Spring Boot. In my free time, I write about modern JavaScript, Node.js, Spring Boot, and all things web development.

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Things I Have Created


A modern platform for domainers to sell more domains quicker.


A marketplace for buying and selling side projects & SaaS apps.


A community of makers and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products.

Wired Dots

A collection of free Bootstrap themes & UI kits for startups.

Open Milestone

Share product updates and collect feedback from customers.

Top Patreon Creators
Top Patreon Creators

A forever changing list of top Patreon earners.

Weekly Design
Weekly Design

Top design articles, resources, deals and jobs, every week.

Work With Me

With over 8 years of experience developing web apps & REST APIs in Spring Boot & MEAN Stack, I can help you develop and launch your awesome product.

What can I do for you?

  • SaaS app in MEAN stack
  • RESTful API in Node.js & MongoDB
  • Website in Spring Boot & Thymeleaf
  • Google chrome extension
  • Static website in Jekyll
  • Landing page in Bootstrap 4
  • Choose a catchy domain name
  • Linux server administration
  • Optimize your website to improve performance

Have an idea? Let's get in touch and build something awesome together.

Want to say "Hi"?

If you're not looking to work with me and just want to say "Hi" or see what I'm working on at the moment, you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub.