To find all the files that match a pattern in Node.js:

  1. Use and install the glob module.
  2. Import the glob module in your Node.js code.
  3. Pass it a pattern as the first parameter and a callback function as the second.
  4. The callback function gets called with an error object and a list of matching files.

Open your terminal in the root directory of your Node.js application and type the following command to install glob:

$ npm install glob

Now we are ready to use the glob module to find files using wild-card pattern matching:

const glob = require('glob')

glob('api/**/*.ts', (err, files) => {
  if (err) {
    return console.error(err)

  // Print all files
  // ['api/http.ts', 'api/routes.ts', 'api/models/user.ts']

  // Iterate over all files
  files.forEach(file => {

The glob() function takes a pattern and a callback function as input parameters.

The asterisk * character matches zero or more characters in a single path portion.

Double asterisk ** characters match zero or more directories and subdirectories except for symlinked directories.

The above example matches all files in an api directory and its subdirectories with a .ts extension.

You can find all other characters with special meaning when used in a path portion on glob npm page.

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