In this quick article, you'll learn how to use the forEach() method to loop a List or a Map object in Java 8 and higher.

Map Example

The following example demonstrates how you can use forEach() with lambda expression to loop a Map object:

// create a map
Map<String, Integer> salaries = new HashMap<>();
salaries.put("John", 4000);
salaries.put("Alex", 5550);
salaries.put("Emma", 3850);
salaries.put("Tom", 6000);
salaries.put("Bena", 4500);

// print map elements
salaries.forEach((k, v) -> System.out.println(k + " salary is " + v));

The above code will output the following:

Alex salary is 5550
Tom salary is 6000
John salary is 4000
Bena salary is 4500
Emma salary is 3850

List Example

Just like a Map, you can also use the forEach() method to loop a List object in Java 8 and higher:

// create a list
List<String> users = Arrays.asList("John", "Alex", "Emma", "Tom", "Bena");

// print list elements
users.forEach(u -> System.out.println("Hey, " + u));

Here is the output of the above program:

Hey, John
Hey, Alex
Hey, Emma
Hey, Tom
Hey, Bena

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