To parse a float with 2 decimal places in JavaScript:

  1. Use the parseFloat() method to parse the string to a float point number.
  2. Use the toFixed() method to format the floating point number to 2 decimal places.
  3. The toFixed() method takes a number as input and returns a string representation of the number formatted to 2 decimal places.
const str1 = '2.567'
const res1 = parseFloat(str1).toFixed(2)
console.log(res1) // 2.57

const str2 = '5'
const res2 = parseFloat(str2).toFixed(2)
console.log(res2) // 5.00

const str3 = '4.5'
const res3 = parseFloat(str3).toFixed(2)
console.log(res3) // 4.50

We use the parseFloat() method to convert the string into a floating point number.

Next, we called the toFixed() method on the pointing point number, passing it 2 as the number of digits to appear after the decimal point. It rounds the number and pads the decimal places with zero if necessary.

Note that the toFixed() method returns a string representing the pointing point number. If you need a number, as a result, call the parseFloat() method again:

const str = '3.500'
const res = parseFloat(str).toFixed(2)
console.log(res) // 3.50
console.log(typeof res) // string

// Parse the string back to a number
const num = parseFloat(res)
console.log(num) // 3.5
console.log(typeof num) // number

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