Java was continuously evolving for the past 26 years and has ended up flooding the world. Its recognition and wide use make hundreds and thousands of blank plate brains turn to Java courses and tutorials to become Java enthusiasts.

Many Java forums, like CodeGym Java Forum, are a great illustration of Java’s popularity and wide application.

Tiobe programming community Index that indicates the recognition and popularity of programming languages has Java in its top rating. Even Python is left behind! I bet you wonder, what makes Java so special and widely used. Then, read on.

More and more people today choose to start their path in programming by learning Java. Let’s check out what makes Java’s so popular.

Java is a platform-independent language

It is worth mentioning that Java has the crucial benefit of being platform-independent. It has optimized instructions called bytecode that is executed on JVM, which is supported by platforms, such as Windows and Unix-like operating systems.

Java is beginner-friendly

Is Java difficult to grasp? Well, not really, compared to other programming languages, for example, C++. That is the opinion of many software developers and language advocates. Swarnim Srivastava, a Java enthusiast states that first, he hesitated to learn and using Java and then changed his mind after a real-time practice of 15-20 days.

Static-type language

Java is a statically typed programming language. This feature makes Java more straightforward, compared to other languages, like JavaScript or Python, which is nothing less than a perk for beginners. It’s also based on WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere), is highly convenient in compiling and debugging.

Infrequent runtime errors

Java’s strict syntax rules and type safety help detect compile-time errors that happen before the program operation. The program will simply not run before all they are solved. Such an approach minimizes the chance of runtime issues during the program operation thus making the coding process simpler.

Easy transition

If you are ambitious and plan to learn more than one programming language in the future, this information will be helpful. One of the great benefits of Java is its easy transition to some other languages. For example, C# in syntax, Lisp, and Smalltalk – in design. Thus, Java would be a great first choice!

Simpler than others

Up to 75% of the software programmers believe that Java is comparatively easy to grasp for newbies, including Joel Dykstra who's been working with programming languages and teaching them to beginners for more than 5 years.

It's used for countless applications

Java, being a language that is highly flexible and scalable, has countless applications in the programmers' arena. So, who and where use Java? Let’s find out!

Enterprise server-side applications

Java Enterprise Edition normally called Java EE is the backbone of software development of various enterprise apps; many banking solutions are genetically Java. And that’s all because it has you backed up with API and a runtime environment.

Android applications

Android itself is created using Java, so it’s no surprise that multiple Android apps are written in this programming language. Signal, CashApp, Spotify, and Twitter are a few of the great applications developed with the help of Java.

Big data applications

Java has so far proved to be the best language for big Data Applications for so many features that are part of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


Java has hyped up this area of programming called the Internet of Things too, it is the standard language that results in cheaper yet better outcomes with amazing features.

Web & desktop GUI applications

Java is the go-to programming language for GUI developments, as it has you backed up with AWT, JavaFX, and especially Swing. All of these are user-friendly components to design web and desktop GUI applications.

It has many open-source libraries

Java has a multitude of open-source libraries which allow programmers to reuse the written codes instead of rewriting them once again. That both increases their productivity and offers a well-knitted and integrated learning environment.

Java's family is global

Java comprises more than 8 million members and ranks third in the world today, after Python and JavaScript!

Various platforms, like Stack Overflow and Reddit, are eye-witnesses to this large community. They offer a huge base of Java news, tutorials, and answers to various questions, so you will definitely find help and get invaluable support there.

Moreover, these communities perform surveys now and then which keep you aware of the public’s voice. We weren’t really surprised to see that fifty-six thousand programmers voted for Java as their favorite language in the Developers Research Survey 2016.

Top five Java projects

Here are a few world-known projects that use Java and highlight its wide application:

  1. NASA: Its WorldWind uses Java as a core language.
  2. Google and Android: Saying that Google has always had Java on the top preference and that Android is genetically Java won't be wrong at all.
  3. Uber: Every step you take while booking a ride on the Uber app, is an afoot stamp of Java's integrated codes.
  4. Netflix: The most popular application used worldwide has Java flowing through its veins.
  5. LinkedIn: It is a highly integrated professional network used across the globe by millions of people, and is, again, a miraculous wonder of Java.

Best places to learn Java

There are hundreds and thousands of different communities, online courses, and forums dedicated to providing a real-time learning session of Java language, so how to pick? To become proficient and be sure that you will learn from the best, it is essential to choose wisely.

You can start by visiting specialized forums and taking free tutorials to get the basics. But you will need to engage more to grasp all that Java has to offer and use it as a professional. Platforms like CodeGym are perfect for beginners as they provide interesting gamified courses and numerous online tutorials. A great benefit is that you study and get scores at the end of each level, which is really efficient for checking your success.

So, why not start your Java journey today with the diverse Java family across the globe?

Wrapping up

Are you still wondering whether it is worth learning Java today? Well, it is a no-brainer. Having wide application in the development field, Java can be either a great start to your programming career or a perfect addition to already acquired skills. It is high time to stop hesitating and start acting!

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